The Evontis Story

At Evontis, we strive to "Be the change we want to see in the world". We ensure our Elite Business
Owners are paid a fair commission on all sales, and reward them with serious residual income
based on both their individual success and that of their Affiliates. The compensation plan makes
sense, the products feature cutting edge technology, and our office is committed to providing you
with the training, education and marketing tools you need to succeed.

Our Leadership Team includes the most experienced and knowledgable pioneers in the
water ionizer and affiliate marketing industries. What matters more than that, however,
is how we got here: we're dependable.
We use our own products to live our own
healthy lives. We believe in personal responsibility. But most of all, we know that
we can't succeed alone; our profit is derived only by creating value
for our partners.

Evontis carefully selected a synergistic group of cutting-edge products
designed to improve personal health and the home environment.
People around the world are paying attention to wellness like never
before and our products tap into that concern. "Turning Your Home
into the Healthiest Place on Earth"
is not just our tagline; it's what
makes us great!

Water is big business. Tens of billions are spent each year on
bottled water, designer 'sport' water, and filtered or flavored tap water.
Each of these implies a health promise that can't be delivered. On the
other hand, the water ionizer, designated a medical device
in its country of origin, is one of the most exciting appliances to appear in
the US market. Water ionizers will soon become a billion dollar industry domestically because educated consumers know that ionized, alkaline water is best for good health and hydration.

ShinXen Water™: the Evontis Elite Water Ionization System is both a computer and filter that turns ordinary tap water into the healthiest water on earth. It's like having a glacier-fed, pure mountain stream flowing out of your kitchen faucet. It comes from proven water ionizer technology that has already had a huge impact on people's lives. We call the water ShinXen Water™, because it means FRESH in Japanese and Korean – the home of water ionizer technology. Other products in our line-up are strategically designed to improve the quality of our lives, and include Zone Air Purification systems, Shower pHresh to improve your skin and hair and prevent exposure to chlorine and toxic chemicals, as well as our own Waterceuticals, pHave and pHresh Start, which add a healthy dose of alkaline energizing minerals to your daily menu.

Your Future Awaits! At Evontis, we believe in doing well while doing good. We developed Residual Offline Affiliate Marketing to create a profit opportunity for those that share this belief and want to introduce others to the amazing world of alkaline, ionized water.

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