Evontis Air™ Purifier 3-pack

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Evontis Air™ Purifier 3-pack

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Quick Overview

The Evontis Solution to Pollution

The state of the art Evontis Air™ Purifier works to reduce many of the dangerous particles that may live in your house. Reduces biological pollutants like bacteria by 77% and mold by 90%. A single Evontis Air™ Purifier protects up to 750 square feet.

Every year, indoor air pollution is responsible for the death of 1.6 million people - "that's one death every 20 seconds." The most effective means of purifying the air in your home is by breaking it down into multiple zones and placing an Evontis Zone Purification Air Purifer in each zone. With our air ionizer 3-pack, you will be able to treat approximately 2,250 square feet. More info »

Product Description

Why is the Evontis Air Purifier Better?

Biolo gical polluta nts like bacteria are introduced continually into the home by people, food, water and pets. Ideal breeding grounds for bacteria include your kitchen, bathroom and workout areas. Infectious bacteria such as Streptococcus, Staphylococcu s and E. coli can make you sick, sometimes within hours of contact.


Mold can be found almost anywhere in the home; it can grow on virtually any organic substance, as long as moisture and oxygen are present. There is mold that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation.




Evontis Zone Purification Air Purifier:

It is far more efficient to use multiple air purifiers in multiple areas than to try and treat an entire home from one location with a single filter. With our air purifier 3-pack, you will be able to place an Evontis Air™ Purifier in each zone and to treat approximately 2,250 square feet.

How it Works:

Photocatalysis is the most advanced and proactive technology for purifying indoor air. It is not a passive “filter”, and there’s no need to clean or replace the air purifier. The unit is truly maintenance free, other than replacing the lamp module every two years. The Evontis Air™ Purifier is not attempting to capture particles. Our system utilizes a broad spectrum ultraviolet light, which reacts with a titanium dioxide catalyst and other proprietary metals to create the “cleaners” (hydroxyl radicals & super-oxide ions). The cleaners are then emitted out from the unit to treat up to 750 square feet.

The Evontis Air™ Purifier technology will reduce:

Air-born mold spores
    • Fungi
    • Odors
    • Toxic chemical gases
    • Pet odors
    • Smoke 
    • Pollen
    • Dust mites

This reduction in air pollutants is achieved through our advanced oxidation process, which helps settle dust particles out of the air and reduces micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses.


Zone Purification Air Purifier Test Results:

The graph provides the results of a 9 day test performed in an actual home environment with the Evontis Air™ Purifier . The testing was performed in approximately 750 square feet. The first 3 days of testing were conducted without the air purifier being plugged in. This provided a background for how contaminated the environment was. On the 4th day the Evontis Air™ Purifier was plugged in and continued running for days 4 through 9. The results were a 90% reduction of Mold and a 77% reduction in Bacteria. The test was conducted in a real-life home environment with two adults and two children. New contaminates are constantly being reintroduced, therefore a 100% reduction can never be achieved.

The Evontis Air™ Purifier is able to achieve the dramatic results as seen above because of it's active process. It's not a passive filter that has to pull air into itself to remove contaminates. The technology actually emits it's cleaning agent through advanced oxidation to eliminate contaminates such as mold and bacteria at the point of contact. This advanced process coupled with low maintenance and portability, make the Evontis Air™ Purifier the best available purifier on the market.


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