How Do I Make Money In Evontis?

There are 9 streams of income included in the Evontis Elite compensation plan.

  • Retail Profit
  • Sales Commission
  • Unilevel Bonus
  • Enroller Bonus
  • Achievement Bonus
  • Differential Bonus
  • Car Bonus
  • Generation Bonus
  • Master Key Bonus Pool

The most important one is the commission you make on every personal sale (retail or to a new EBO) of a water ionizer or other Evontis products.

Let’s use our flagship product, the Evontis Elite 9-plate water ionizing system as an example. It retails for $2995, and carries a BV of $2000. Right out of the gate, you can make $550 to $700 on the sale of this ionizer! As you advance in your career with Evontis, that increases to as much as $850 to $1000 per sale for cash up front retail commission alone.

Advancing Your Career

Getting a promotion with Evontis is totally within your control. You move through the ranks starting at Copper and progressing to Platinum, with increased rewards at every level. Promotions are based on your personal efforts combined with the success of your team. Your efforts to help your team of Evontis EBOs succeed by training, placing enrollees, and mentoring are generously rewarded. That’s a combination that can’t be beat. Details about how to advance are available in our Compensation Plan booklet.

Residual Income

Your residual income checks are based on the Bonus Volume (BV) created each month by individuals you have sponsored, and that they have sponsored.
The following lists the income streams that are derived from your ROAM organization.

Unilevel Bonus 3%

Regardless of whether you sponsor an individual or not, if they are in your matrix you will make 3% on all the bonus volume (TGBV) sold in your matrix, up to the 7th level deep.

Differential Bonus 5%


Infinity Depth Bonus 3%

Once you reach the pay-rank of Platinum you are eligible for this bonus. The same levels used in the compressed Unilevel bonus calculations (page 14) are used for this bonus. It is paid on the PBV of downline EBOs in your Placement Tree.

Generation Bonus 2%

Once you reach the pay-rank of Presidential, you are paid additional bonus income on your Enroller Tree. This bonus is based on the Group Bonus Volume (GBV) of each personally enrolled EBO direct to you. Starting with your own GBV and including 3 generations deep as you advance to Universal and 1 Star Master Key.
Car Bonus
Platinum Rank and above are eligible for a car bonus (but you don’t have to lease a car - spend it on whatever you like.)

Master Key Bonus Pool

Evontis has established three separate bonus pools. Each one is allocated 1/3 of 1% of the company’s total BV each month. Once you have reached the level of 1-Star Master Key, you will be awarded 1 share towards the 1-Star Bonus Pool. When you reach 2-Star Master Key, you get 1 share towards the 2-star Bonus Pool (plus your 1-star share). And when you reach the top of the Evontis team, 3-star Master Key, you get 1 share towards to 3-star Bonus Pool (plus your 1 and 2 star shares.)

The amount each share is worth is dependent upon the number of shares allotted (the number of EBOs who have achieved that rank] and the total BV of the company.