What makes Evontis so exciting? What makes Evontis so successful? Why does the company, its revenue and profit grow by no less than 20% annually, regardless of domestic economic conditions?

No, it's not luck. In fact, there's a science to our success. Most businesses keep what they do a secret, afraid of what the competition may do with the information. The Evontis position on secrets is a little different: at Evontis, we share our strategy to the advantage of our partners and competitors, knowing that our combined success will grow the industry and help create a generation of empowered individuals that choose to no longer be the effect of chance.

Discover the Evontis Philosophy to learn first-hand the key components that come together to create a valuable and profitable opportunity for us, our partners, and the people in the communities we service.


We can't succeed by ourselves; we need you involved, too. In fact, without a top-notch team of partners, our project wouldn't succeed at all. At Evontis, we encourage leadership and hard work from our network. Our compensation plan is written to reward those that do the most, so that each individual has a chance to earn more than anyone else in the organization.

Our job is to provide you with the tools to succeed. Our executive team listens and responds with resources for you to lead the way in the marketplace. Our partners share our belief that an honest representation of ourselves, our line of products, and the benefits they create for customers helps our entire team maintain a flawless reputation.

But we can't succeed for you. Many argue that network marketing is the final frontier for the normal person: you don't have to be rich, good-looking, hold lots of diplomas or be exceptionally talented to reap the benefits of network marketing. You must, however, be willing to make a commitment of time and effort: time to learn the products and strategy for success, and the effort to go out and implement what you've learned.

Ultimately, you'll find working with Evontis to be easier than you may think. But without a personal commitment from you and a desire to be directly responsible for your success, you'll find Evontis yields similar results to that of other endeavors you tried to fake your way through in the past.

Fortunately, we have a great tendency of helping ordinary people produce extraordinary results. Though many think a lot of what we do is luck, we like to think of our strategy as a scientific approach to produce uncommon results. Or, as we like to say around our office: "Luck is what happens when hard work meets opportunity."


Evontis selected a synergistic group of products designed to improve health and the home environment. Our Elite Water Ionizer in particular already has a huge impact on peoples' lives as well as the planet. When you drink healthy, ionized, alkaline Evontis Water™ you are not only promoting better physical health and well-being but are also protecting our planet by eliminating waste created with plastic water bottles.

Other products in our line-up are strategically designed to improve the quality of the air we breath, the water we use to cleanse ourselves, and the way we keep ourselves energized throughout the day. With the Evontis holistic approach to health, every prospect is certain to find value in what you offer. Take a moment and explore our product catalog to see how you can benefit and help others benefit too!


Leadership drives the success of an organization, and it starts at the top. This is especially important in network marketing, a recognized method for introducing a product to a market.

All too often, network marketing companies are launched and managed by scum: career criminals looking for their next get-rich quick scheme. They spend little or no time developing the value proposition for partners and customers, and instead fixate on fancy compensation plans that usually end up being too good to be true. After a short period of financial mismanagement and fraud that usually ends in embezzlement, the revenue stream dries up leaving the field frustrated, customers stranded and many partners embarrassed to call family members. All too often, the legitimate, legal and ethical concept of multi-level marketing is dragged through the mud.

There are several major considerations regarding leadership, and they break down as follows:

  • Can you depend on the executive team? How well do the people running the company handle basic business tasks, like writing letters and returning phone calls? If you can't rely on them to do the easy things well, what makes you think they'll have the foresight to manage the books and get commission checks out on time? When you partner with a company, build a relationship with one that you expect to be around for some time. Many people retire on the steady MLM income streams earned by career participants.
  • Do they use their own products? You can find many examples of incongruency across corporate America. One of our favorites is that three-quarters of the board members for national fitness clubs are obese, and many have never set foot inside their own gyms. This is especially important in the health and wellness business: do the company leaders have a personal commitment to health and wellness? What is the philosophy of the executive team towards a healthy lifestyle?
  • Would you buy from the top people? The leadership team of an organization is a reflection of you, and you are a reflection of them. Do they make you feel comfortable? Would you be willing to do business with them? The way the leadership team conducts itself is often evaluated by prospects: will their conduct be an asset or liability?

No one is perfect, nor is perfection expected. At Evontis, we strive to "Be the change we want to see in the world," and help hold each other accountable to our individual goals. Each of us is judged by our own standards, though every person on the Evontis management team has a personal commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, made possible by using our own products alongside other smart nutrition and activity choices.

Evontis not only provides the tools for you to succeed, but also the accountability to be the person you want to be.


While Evontis is new to the scene, the leadership team is no stranger to alkaline water, water ionizers, or network marketing. We could tell you about our dozens of years of combined experience, but without a specific example to put this in to context, our experience means very little. Take a look at our Leadership Team to learn specifically who brings what to the table.

Evontis is a subsidiary of Welltech Global, our parent company that also owns industry giants like KYK, TyentUSA, GoodLife Bottles and several other leaders. Welltech consistently sets the pace for online marketing, social media marketing, video production, clinical studies and research, as well as many other roles designed to move the industry as a whole forward.

What may be most important is that Evontis was launched after a careful analysis of the products, comp plans, and strategies of the industry's pioneers. Instead of 'learning from experience', Evontis developed its Vision, Mission and Strategy after careful analysis of competitors in both the traditional and network marketplace. Just as TyentUSA did in years prior, Evontis will quickly leapfrog the competition, absorbing market-share as it grows in gigantic chunks.


People around the world are paying attention to wellness like never before. As obesity and diabetes rates in the USA continue to skyrocket, many Americans now realize that something is very wrong. Nutritious foods are scarce and the medical-industrial complex profits from treating symptoms (and disregards the disease or cause). And every day, it seems like there is another one-size-fits-all quick-fix hitting the market.

There are many components to a healthy life: a balanced diet, plenty of physical activity, a positive mental attitude, clean air and adequate hydration all contribute to a life that resists disease. Nothing is more basic and critical to the proper functions of the human body than good, clean ionized and alkaline water.

Water is big business. Tens of billions are spent each year on bottled water, designer 'sport' water, filtered or flavored tap water, and other gimmicks designed to capitalize on the gigantic beverage industry. The water ionizer, designated a medical device in its country of origin, is one of the most exciting appliances to appear in the US market, thanks to its ability to return regular tap water to its natural, fresh alkaline and ionized properties found today only in rare mountain aquifers and other remote locations. Water ionizers are now a billion dollar industry domestically.

Evontis bridges the gap between online affiliate marketing and the conventional person-to-person team building of network marketing. Using technical advantages at every turn, Evontis is taking the Internet by storm with its cost-effective tool set designed to help minimize costs while you grow your business.