Evontis is changing the rules of the network marketing game by putting the Evontis Business Owner (EBO) first in our compensation plan. We call our business model ROAM - Residual Offline Affiliate Marketing. We all recommend restaurants, movies, smart phones, TV shows and the like to our friends ... benefitting the company who markets them but gaining no financial reward ourselves. ROAM works the same way, but rewards you for recommending products that you use and like to your friends, family and business associates.

We bridge the gap between internet affiliate marketing and the traditional network marketing business model that relies on warm market person-to-person contact and hotel opportunity meetings. Using technical advantages at every turn, Evontis is taking the Internet by storm with its cost-effective tool set designed to help minimize costs while you grow your business.


Evontis has chosen to focus on a lucrative and expanding market - high quality home water ionizers. This market is in its infancy in North America, with a market penetration of less than 1%. In contrast, throughout Asia – where it originated – 25% of households own a home water ionizer. We support the sale of this product line with an extensive library of online and print publications and training seminars so you can communicate the benefits of this amazing technology.

The Evontis compensation plan is unique in the world of on- or off-line relationship marketing because it has been carefully designed to appeal to the novice as well as the experienced traditional sales, internet marketing or network marketing professional. Our EBOs earn an excellent commission ($550-700) from the beginning – the bulk of the commission goes to the person who makes the sale instead of an unknown upline like our competition.

We don’t believe you need to be an expert in MLM compensation plans to get started. Our simple compensation plan offers outstanding income potential. It is easy to understand and explain to others.


There are several key things that set this plan apart from the crowd:

  • Easy to get started
  • In-House Financing
  • No Down Payment Leasing
  • Trade-In Program (Up to $2000 on an Enagic SD 501)
  • Serious Up Front Money ($550- to $700)
  • No Autoship Required (But our filter-club enrollment is attractive and provides a necessary item.)
  • Easy to Stay Active – Just one sale per year!
  • Never Lose Your Rank
  • Take A Year (or three) off!
  • Designed for the experienced sales professional
  • No Break-Away
  • NOT a binary!

Evontis – it’s the last compensation plan you will ever need to learn
because there will be no reason to look for a better opportunity!