Discover Alkaline Water

Water that is 'alive' with ionic energy is found in the natural world, and has been the subject of scientific study for over a century. As natural water flows from high mountain glaciers through streams and waterfalls, it bounces off the rocks, picks up minerals and becomes electrically charged and structured by the earth's magnetism, infrared rays and photon energy from the sun and cosmic energy. Hydroxyl ions (OH-) are liberated from the water molecule (H2O) by the force created by moving water. In its pristine natural form before humans created ways to collect, transport and purify or sanitize it, natural water is alive with energy!

The famous healing waters of Lourdes de France, Tlacate, Mexico, Nordenau, Germany, Nadana, India all have been found to contain active hydrogen (H-) and molecular hydrogen (H2). Active hydrogen promotes life in everything that consumes it: plants, animals, and people. The energy in the water helps regulate growth cell and regeneration and is needed for all biochemical process. The healing anti-aging glacier waters of the Hunza people in the Himalayan mountains was found to have unique properties of high pH from alkaline minerals, negative electrical charge, active hydrogen, and a unique structure and surface tension.

While modern humans don't have access to glacier fed mountain streams in their kitchen, there is a way to get the same kind of energized, alkaline, structured water. Evontis brings this water to you with the Elite Water Ionizer. ShinXen water from the Elite unit is the result of electrolysis, a process that exposes purified tap water to electricity in a titanium/platinum electrolysis chamber. ShinXen Water carries a measureable, verifiable negative electrical charge, it has an alkaline pH, and a small molecular cluster size.

In our modern world, drinking ionized ShinXen Water is the next best thing to drinking natural glacier water. It's like tapping into a mountain stream, or a deep ancient aquifer at your kitchen tap; fresh healthy water at the press of a button.

Drinking ShinXen water is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve a balanced body pH because we can drink a lot more water than we can consume alkaline-forming foods. This kind of water offers effective hydration, and hydration and an alkaline body go hand in hand. The small molecular cluster, or structure, of the water, negative electrical charge and antioxidant activity are also important factors that are responsible for the positive effects experienced by people drinking structured alkaline water.

Five Reasons to Drink ShinXen Water

1. Provides Powerful Antioxidant Activity

Negatively charged ionized, alkaline water provides extra electrons that neutralize free radicals.

Free radical damage can be likened to rusting – it causes disease and early aging. Americans spend about $15 billion each year on supplements – many of them antioxidants which are believed to offer anti-aging benefits. Structured, alkaline water is a readily available, potent liquid antioxidant which is easily absorbed into the body, and the cost is typically less than the cost of supplementation.

2. Provides Alkaline Buffers to Balance pH

Alkaline minerals and an abundance of negative hydroxyl (OH-) ions increases the bicarbonate buffers in the blood such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

3. Enhances Blood Oxygenation

One of the first effects people notice when consuming structured, alkaline water is they feel invigorated, and experience increased mental alertness. Because structured, alkaline water helps the blood pH stay in an optimal range, the blood is better able to carry oxygen. The brain is 90% water, and nerve transmissions work better when the brain is fully hydrated.

4. Optimizes Cellular Hydration

Based on scientific observation of the difference in frequency (mHz) and surface tension, it is believed that ionized water is made up of clusters containing only 5 or 6 molecules instead of 10 to 20. These smaller, negatively charged water clusters appear to be more hydrating than tap or bottled water.

5. Promotes Cellular Detoxification

Detoxification effects from drinking ionized water are both powerful and often surprising. The older or sicker you are, the more important it is to take your time and acclimate to the alkaline pH and antioxidant activity.